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Mar 30, 2018

Matt and Davey sit down to talk with Jeff Fortson of the glam rock outfit SquadFive-O. Legalizing Pot, foreboding album covers, and finding faith are just a few of the topics the guys cover in this 2 Part look into the life and times a punk band from Savannah, GA that almost took over the world.

Squad Five-O...

Mar 23, 2018

A few months ago Matt received a peculiar email, and decided to follow up with it's sender. What he discovered was someone who had been living a life almost identically parallel to his own. This episode, Matt goes back to his high school days to relive the weirdness of a particular music scene and label that inspired...

Mar 16, 2018

Matt and Davey give an in-depth look at the second half of their new album Rad Science. Find out the stories behind the lyrics, the synths behind the sounds, and what inspired the songs. 

Inside Out - Music Video

New Album - Eleventyseven - Rad Science

Store/Merch - online store

Website - eleventyseven

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Mar 9, 2018

Matt and Davey sit down with their friend Stephen who opens up about surviving a school shooting. Matt has demons cast out of him, and Davey gets fired up about mental health and online privacy.

Stephen's Podcast - Sacred Tension

New Album - Eleventyseven - Rad Science

Store/Merch - online store

Website - eleventyseven